Nastran 3D viewer

Nastran 3D Viewer is a fast and lightweight viewer for Nastran finite element model.

It has been specially designed to efficiently load models from Nastran bulk or op2 files in order to rapidly view the finite element model shape and access the model properties.



  • Load finite element model from Nastran bulk (.bdf, .dat, …) and op2 files.
  • Load and display node displacement results from op2 files for static, harmonic and transient calculations.
  • Animation of deformations and output in gif or avi. (full)
  • Multiple file loading / append by simple drag’n drop.
  • Display node details (ID, cord ID, position in local/global cord, include file, …). (full)
  • Display elements details (ID, Grids ID, propety ID, include file, …). (full)
  • Display elements properties (Thickness, Material ID, Young modulus, …). (full)
  • Display local cord details (ID, matrices, …). (full)
  • Select by id (full), by picking or bounding box, by element type…
  • Move nodes and elements by value or with mouse. (full)
  • Multilingual (EN, FR).
  • Online update detection.


  • Hide element and nodes by id (full), by picking, bounding box or by element type.
  • Display elements and nodes number. (full)
  • Group elements by property or include file.
  • Toggle between displayed / hidden elements.
  • Hide elements by include or property by a single middle-click.
  • Align view to the global directions.
  • Display in shaded or wireframe mode.
  • Display local cord systems.
  • Overlay png picture on a plane. (new)


  • Display element thickness by fringe or by 3D elements. (full) (new)
  • Display element normal by vector or face color. (full) (new)
  • Display element material orientation vector. (full) (new)
  • Distance between two node (in given cord system).
  • Liste node position (in given cord system). (full)
  • Free edges detection. (full)
  • Non used nodes detection. (full)
  • Elements area calculation. (full)
  • Select connected elements. (full)
  • Elements quality (warp, skew, taper, max ratio, …). See v1.35 update video below. Quality computation is done using The Verdict Library. (full)

Supported cards


(full) : features available in the registered version.
(new) : new features.

Updates and changelog

Presentation of the v1.37 new features :

  • Make nodes, prop and mat clickable in element detail
  • Regenerate random colors
  • ComboBox auto expand on mouse hover
  • Node selection by their position
  • Display png picture on plane overlay
  • Select elements with same properties
v1.37 update presentation

Presentation of the v1.36 new features :

  • Display element thickness by fringe or by 3D elements!
  • Display element normal by vector or face color
  • Display element material orientation vector
  • Reading quadratic CPENTA, CTETRA and CHEXA (only elements with all mid-nodes defined are taken into account)

Presentation of the v1.35 new features :

  • Elements quality checks
  • Action by element type
v1.35 update presentation

Display full changelog
New features:
• Make prop and mat clickable in element detail (open bulk file at the corresponding line in Notepad++)
• PSOLID card reading
• Regenerate random colors -> display menu
• ComboBox auto expand on mouse hover
• Node selection by their position (in a given cord, by direction and threshold) -> nodes tools menu
• ctrl + click on a selected node or element to unselect it
• Add [copy] button on element and node list to copy to clipboard
• Display png picture on plane (see ini file in sample directory) -> display menu
  • Press +/- to change picture opacity
• Make nodes clickable in element detail (select node and display details)
• Select elements with same properties than already selected elements -> elements tools menu
• When clicking on cord id in node description: select and display only that cord
• Better management of vtk warnings
• Better context menu of textbox (remove unused items and add Clear item)
• Tip of cylindric cords to sphere
• Top level for NODES and ELEMENTS tools menus
• Menu "OP2 results import" disabled while no model is loaded
• Lines begining with "$" are no more taken into account
• Take only disp and eigv disp into account
New features:
• Display element thickness by fringe or by 3D elements! (tool menu)
• Display element normal by vector or face color (tool menu)
• Display element material orientation vector (tool menu)
• Press "+" or "-" on numpad to
   - increase/decrease size of local cord
   - increase/decrease size of orientation and normal arrows
   - increase/decrease opacity of 3D thickness elements
• Reading quadratic CPENTA, CTETRA and CHEXA (only elements with all mid-nodes defined are taken into account)
• Make cord clickable in node detail (select cord and display cord detail)
• CORD1 taken into account (in bulk and op2)
• Reading of PCOMP ply number and thickness
• Reorganization of tools menu (separation between nodes tools and elements tools)
• Hyperlinks in non-licenced app and new version messages
• Move new software version online check in a thread in order not to freeze windows
• Transient interpolation: no interpolation is done is less than 1% shift of an existing step
• Better implementation of nested include research: if an include has no subdir the file is searched in the folder of main bulk file and then in the folder of the calling 
• Allows picking of a node overlaped by a coord
Bug correction :
• Correction CQUAD8, CTRIA6, CHEXA and RBAR op2 reading
• Correction when loading a transient time step strictly present in op2 (no interpolation)
New features:
 • Reading quadratic elements CQUAD8 and CTRIA6
 • Add element quality checks (Tools menu)
 • Add action by element type
   - button "by type" appears when element type is selected
   - press "ctrl" to invert selection
 • When selecting by ID: press "ctrl" to invert selection
 • New update online detection (need software to access )
   - Can be deactivated in the "?" menu
 • Better implementation of the selection by ID function
 • Press "echap" to delete the free edges and element quality display


The Nastran 3D Viewer is free to evaluate. Some features are deactivated in the evaluation version. As it exists an infinity of ways to implement and use finite element models, the evaluation version allows the user to test if the program is able to correctly display its models with enough efficiency before to switch to the full version.

Once the program activated with the correct licence key all features become available.

Triple licence mode: it allows the user to generate 3 licence keys. It means that the user can install the program on one machine and change 3 times the machine, or he can install it directly on 3 different machines.

Access EULA.

Have a look at the licence order and generation process.

Get here to order full version.


Here is the latest version of Nastran 3D viewer for windows.

Nastran_3D_Viewer_Setup - v1.37 - 39.5MB - 2020/10/30