Other tools

In this section will be presented various tools developed by Meca Software to ease the engineer daily life.

Excel Chart Zoom Add-In


Up to day, one of the main missing functionality in Microsoft Excel is that there is no easy way to zoom onto charts.

The objective of this light Excel add-in (.xlam file) is to allow user to realize simple operations on charts like: box zoom, zoom out, auto scale and hand move. It has been tested under Excel 2016 and Excel 2013 32bits and 64bits.

Once the add-in installed the user can add zoom buttons on any compatible chart by going into the ChartZoom tab which appears when a chart is selected. Once zoom operations done buttons can easily be removed by pressing the little cross.

Following video shows you the functionalities of the add-in.

Note 1 :This add-in is provided freely by Meca Software to any user. If you distribute it please keep mention of the meca-software site.

Note 2 : The add-in may not be fully exempt of bugs or other malfunctions. This is due to the various tricks that we had to use to pass through VBA and Excel limitations. Note that Meca Software may not be responsible of any damage or data loss if you use this add-in.


2022-04-07 v2.7
 - Bug correction under Office 365
2020-10-08 v2.6
 - Bug correction when columns or lines are freeze in the worksheet
 - Bug correction if some cells are copied when adding buttons on the chart
2020-02-20 v2.5
 - Hold mouse button to draw zoom box and hand move instead of two clics
 - Better implementation of pixel to point conversion